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Round the Houses - Published by Stagescripts Ltd
New full length farce by Diana Raffle
GALLERY - Fairway To Heaven
Stop and Run - Published by Samuel French Ltd
New one act play by Diana Raffle

Round the Houses - Published by Stagescripts Ltd

In November 2007, Diana Raffle's full length farce, Round the Houses, was performed at the Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone, by The Willington Players. The farce drew audiences of over 1,000 people over a five night run. Typically, like many of Diana's farces, it has a 'Carry On' style and had the audiences rolling in the aisles.


With divorce proceedings pending, Helen and Simon Simpson instruct estate agent, Simon Allcock to find a buyer for their house. Instead, the unscrupulous Simon decides to use their empty property for romantic assignation with his secretary! However, his carefully laid plans are dashed by the arrival of his hapless assistant, Bernard, followed by a seductive female doctor and Bernard's very strange wife - not to mention the formidable WI lady who collects unwanted clothes! Further complications arise when the cast of Jack and the Beanstalk arrive, complete with pantomime cow! Missing clothes, mistaken identities...and much much more. This is the brilliant new farce form the writer of Fairway to Heaven.

Images from the Premiere

Poster design

Felicity and Bernard

Simon, Felicity and Lionel

Miriam and Lionel

Lionel, Felicity, Dr Gleeson and Deirdre
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